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most people think lucic is just some dumb oaf but he’s such a fucking nerd like how many times do you think he’s leaned over to krejci in the locker room like “hey did you know that this is the 37th time that claude has coached a game against a New York team during the day with 7 right-handed defensemen in the lineup?” or on the bench like “is anyone gonna go get that puck? That was his 45th wrist-shotted goal against a goalie with a save percentage higher than .965”

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The way you slam your body into mine reminds me I’m alive, but monsters are always hungry, darling, and they’re only a few steps behind you, finding the flaw, the poor weld, the place where we weren’t stitched up quite right, the place they could almost slip right into through if the skin wasn’t trying to keep them out, to keep them here, on the other side of the theater where the curtain keeps rising. I crawled out the window and ran into the woods. I had to make up all the words myself. The way they taste, the way they sound in the air. I passed through the narrow gate, stumbled in, stumbled around for a while, and stumbled back out. I made this place for you. A place for you to love me. If this isn’t a kingdom then I don’t know what is.

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